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There's magic in the CASLLS...introducing our electronic version!

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You asked and we listened!

Many professionals using the Cottage Acquisition Scales for Listening, Language, and Speech (CASLLS) have asked, “When are you going to create an electronic version of the CASLLS?” We have always responded with, “In the future!” Well, the future is NOW! We are glad to announce that Electronic CASLLS (eCASLLS) are available for purchase through our website, The eCASLLS is a remarkable product! For information regarding eCASLLS, contact Cindy Escobedo, Director of Educational Resources, at 210-569-6009.

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Easy to Use!

The eCASLLS contain the same structures as the paper CASLLS; however, the format of the eCASLLS allows professionals to view and work with segments of the CASLLS rather than the entire document. Just click on a CASLLS, determine the domain you want to view, and begin inputting data. Data recorded on the eCASLLS is stored and a CASLLS functioning level can be determined. Goals can be indicated and marked as they are achieved. Additionally, eCASLLS can be printed at any time and information can be shared with caregivers and other professionals.

Multi-User Ability

This feature will allow professionals working with the same student to assess and record data on any of the language CASLLS: Pre-Verbal, PreSentence, Simple Sentence, and Complex Sentence, at any given time. The eCASLLS allows for collaboration amongst professionals and caregivers.

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Numerous resources in one: CASLLS, CASLLS Companion, and Informal Speech Evaluation

The Electronic CASLLS (eCASLLS) contains numerous resources in one. Every CASLLS and every structure contained within each CASLLS is provided. For easy referencing, explanations and simple activities to elicit structures are provided for each language CASLLS. When using the Speech CASLLS, an Informal Speech Evaluation has been embedded. Speech phonemes can be assessed on the spot and goals can be generated. Our Speech That Works App can be used exclusively or in combination with other speech resources to elicit/master any phoneme requiring work.
New to the eCASSLS are Reading CASLLS. Reading behaviors /skills can be tracked from birth to age nine.

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Demo: eCASLLS with Stacy Adams, SLP





1 Year


Plan 1

1-24 active students



Plan 2

25-49 active students



Plan 3

50-74 active students



Plan 4

75-149 active students



Plan 5

150-249 active students



Plan 6

250-349 active students



Plan 7

350-500 active students



Plan 8

501-750 active students


Contact us for custom pricing beyond 750 active students.

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